Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Imagination and Reality: Thoreau’s journal and objects

Posted by Richard B. Primack

“I have as much property as I can command and use.” -Thoreau in his Journal

The Concord Museum has a new special exhibit that combines Henry David Thoreau’s journals and objects, highlighting many facets of his life, such as being an observer, a writer, a naturalist, a surveyor, and a writer. The exhibit reunites journals from the Morgan Library in New York with objects from the Concord Museum and elsewhere that are normally housed separately. The exhibit will continue until January 21, 2018.

Thoreau’s flute and one of his journals

A box of pencils from the Thoreau family business along with a journal

A yearly table made by Thoreau showing important weather events

A herbarium specimen of blue irises made by Thoreau; note that the specimen does not have a date or label, which limits its value for phenological research

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