Monday, January 18, 2016

Reproduction Ecology

by Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie

The Primack Lab has a new member. Baby Mara was born in September 2015!

Mara has already attended the Acadia Science Symposium and the Northeast Alpine Stewardship Gathering with her parents where she enjoyed watching her mother present the preliminary results from field work in Acadia National Park. When they were not exploring Northern New England, Mara and her mother spent the fall semester at home — bonding, recovering, and growing at a relaxed pace under Boston University's graduate student parental leave policy. 

Now, Mara is gearing up for a semester of independence while her mother returns to teaching and research. Time management and efficiency have quickly developed as necessary skills in this work-life balance; eating quickly and staying caffeinated are equally important. Though honestly, the first four years of graduate school have already honed those skills — parenting just throws them into sharper relief. And of course, coming home to a giggling, happy baby makes the monotony of grading, data entry, or coding quickly fade away!

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