Monday, July 6, 2015

The Primack Lab visits Manomet for spring migration

Posted by Amanda Gallinat

Last month, the Primack Lab visited Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in Plymouth, MA to see the landbird banding program in action. This year is Manomet's 48th year of banding, and their long-term records of landbird passage dates have allowed us to explore how the timing of bird migration is changing over time and in response to climate change, in both spring and autumn

This American Redstart was captured during our visit to Manomet's banding lab

Our group included Richard Primack, myself, and two undergraduate assistants in the lab, Luca Russo and Lucas Stegman. Luca and Lucas have both assisted with sorting and identifying seeds from songbird fecal samples collected at Manomet last autumn. During our visit, they got a chance to see the banding process first-hand, walk the net lanes at Manomet, and observe many of the species that provided the fecal samples we've been sorting.

Lucas observes a House Wren before it is released by the banders

Luca and bander Mattie Vandenboom with a Gray Catbird that has just been processed

We are grateful to banding director Trevor Lloyd-Evans and the spring 2015 banders for their wonderful hospitality, and we look forward to returning for more banding in the fall! 

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