Sunday, May 4, 2014

Early Spring: Henry David Thoreau and Climate Change at the Concord Museum

A Special Exhibit Featuring the Primack Lab Goes Online

Posted by Richard Primack

Last spring and summer, the Concord Museum had a special exhibit featuring the links between Concord botanists like Henry David Thoreau, and the climate change research carried out by the Primack lab, including Libby Ellwood, Caroline Polgar, Abe Miller-Rushing, and Richard Primack. The exhibit was highly successful in terms of the number of visitors and the widespread media coverage. 

For those who missed seeing this exhibit in person, there is great news! The exhibit has moved to the museum website, so online visitors can now appreciate the science and beauty of the displays. The website also features video interviews with Primack and Ellwood, links to our research publications, and resource information for citizen science, Concord natural history, and naturalists working in Concord today.

Check out the new online exhibit HERE

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